EZ Business

EzBusiness system  is a Business Software with service as an integral part. So the users just need to conduct the regular activities of business like sales, purchase,… and software automatically makes all necessary entries and produces the relevant information you look for.

 Key features of Ezbusiness system:

ü  It is departmentalized. All functions of real business are mapped into the software creating a virtual business environment.

ü  It is integrated. If you make an invoice it automatically updates the Accounting Book and the Stock card. Also creates entry into customer statement, sales ledger, Ageing,….

ü   It is secured, so each user has restricted access to the software.

ü  It is safe, as all data enters an RDBMS owing to its base in an ERP

ü   It is easy to use, as it is without many configuration options one would see in a generic software. Also, basic settings are properly done by EZware Consultants.

ü   It saves time. If a user makes a delivery note, it transfers necessary data automatically into the Invoice, etc,. thus reducing time.

ü  It is foolproof. If one has created a payment receipt voucher, and someone tries to change a preceding Sales Invoice, system blocks such entry.

ü   It is fast. Owing to the RDBMS base, queries and searches are very fast even in a Wide Area Network.

ü   It is informative. Owing to a large number of reports and in-built queries, it gives information at every level from every angle.

ü   It is proactive. Through a system of Alerts & Messaging, it prompts the user to take timely action on a task, be it renewing documents to avoid penalties or ensuring funds in the bank to honor checks on a particular day.

ü   It is cohesive. If you receive an Invoice from supplier the system automatically cross-checks with actual material received.


Module List of Ezbusiness System :

v  Finance and Accounting (Payables, Receivables & Bank )

v  Inventory Management

v  Ordering and Delivery

v  Client Relationship Management (CRM)

v  Sales and Distribution

v  Purchasing

v  Reporting

v  Production

v  Material Requirements Planning

v  Service Management

v  Fixed Assets

v  Human Resources Management

v  eCommerce & Web CRM

v  Camp Management

v  Real Estate Management

Project Cost & Schedule Management