Why Swift IT?

The winning workforce of tomorrow starts today, with Swift IT. We’re bringing  the best  development, collaboration, performance and engagement together in new ways of  IT consulting, Networking, Security, Consulting & Management  to help you  grow and your business thrive. Swift IT has helped its customers with its accreditation through the ability, being able to follow up and what has to be addressed.

Our Core Services

Our Specialist Services

The history of Swift IT​

From our humble beginnings in Abu Dhabi to present day where Swift IT is recognized as an industry-leading provider of innovative talent solutions, the story of Swift IT is an amazing one. Find out how, in the span of years, Swift IT has earned the trust of the UAE market. The demand for anytime and anywhere surged, and Swift IT rose up to meet this need.

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Our Vision​

Swift IT’s vision has been focused on the transformation of the employee experience, embracing forward-looking trends to continuously improve the way people develop, engage and succeed at work. This is the story of how we made it happen. We’re Passionate about delivering the best , most sustainable solutions.True collaboration, transparent and constant communication, visibility and traceability are the key for our success. The other major one being requirements engineering. Profit from the expertise of our company. Contact solid Swift IT team for your needs.

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Our Mission

Swift IT's mission has been focused on establishing and disseminating performance-oriented guidelines and accurate user- friendly technology management information systems. Creating an enabling environment for digital presence. The formulation and implementation of sound technical policies. provide quality guidance, build relationships of trust, and develop innovative solutions for our clients.

ISO Certified Company

We are an ISO quality management certified company and strive towards improved efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction, In line with Swift IT’s overall objective of constant improvement and innovation for achieving the highest quality standards for operations and to benefit our customers in the field of:

Information Technology Network Services.
Security & Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintaince.
Computer Infrastructure Establishment and Maintenance.

Swift IT works towards the maximum utilization of ISO principals and the benefits of ISO certification to go far beyond just operations; But to every aspect of the business such as: sales and marketing, strategic planning and employee engagement.

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Our Approach

We're In Your Corner

At Swift IT , we know that when we’re united – around our goals, our culture, and the growth and development of our people – that’s when we’re most successful. So our approach is based on the knowledge that talent management is more than technology. It’s about finding a partner who takes the time to understand your organization’s unique culture and vision, and experts who are willing to work shoulder to shoulder with you to achieve your most aspirational goals or solve your toughest challenges. We get it.

Why Choose Swift IT?​

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No matter where you’re starting, or where you’re going, we take the time to understand your unique goals and challenges, and then we partner with you on that journey.

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Technology can help you realize your vision, and we know that when it can flex around the culture of your organization, that’s where it can really shine.

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Today’s Clients have new expectations. We help you deliver the engaging and ongoing experience your people crave, without losing the tools and insights you need to prove results.

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We’re bringing employee development, collaboration, feedback and coaching together in new ways, to help your people grow and thrive.