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Customized Annual Maintenance Contracts suiting your business requirements by Swift IT

Are you tired of day-to-day issues with your office’s IT infrastructure? The headache of regular maintenance and fear of breakdown ? Annual Maintenance Contract by Swift IT is just what you need.

Swift IT’s unique Annual IT Maintenance Contract offers the best solution for organizations that need comprehensive IT support and maintenance, but either don’t have the time, skill-set or simply just don’t want the burden of managing an IT person, department, or in some situations – an entire IT division.

Is IT your core business? If not, then let us take care of your IT, so you can focus on your core business. For more details, please contact us!


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What’s included in the Annual Maintenance Contract ?

  • 24x7 server monitoring , 24x7 workstation monitoring , 24x7 peripheral monitoring , 24x7 monitoring and support.
  • Faster response and resolution , Unlimited remote help desk support , Onsite visit by our qualified engineers.
  • Managed data backup and protection , Regular preventive maintenance , Instance or incident based call‐out support.
  • Scheduled maintenance , Monthly health checkup , Periodic IT assessment.
  • Monthly reports and executive dashboard summary , Around the clock network monitoring and reporting.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

  • Focus on your core business.
  • Comprehensive infrastructure support for your users, desktops, servers and devices.
  • Manage and save cost without losing on quality.
  • Enhance your business using the right software tools and solutions.
  • Improve information protection.
  • You can pick and choose from long list of tasks that we carry out for you during AMC tenure.

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Organizations Who Bank On Us


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