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Do you want less downtime and faster recovery?

Do you want less time fixing glitches and more time winning?

Protect your entire infrastructure from one, simple user console. Swift IT Backup is the perfect solution.

We fully understand your need and ensure that our data backup solutions are second to none. Our data backup solution experts find and close the most common loophole found responsible for information theft. We provide hybrid protection that adds an extra layer of security to protect confidential information of your company. Our systems are fully capable of overcoming data related disasters.

SwiftIT backup is the best of both worlds, offering a hybrid cloud architecture that meets every client need with one solution — and meets them fast. If a physical disaster like a fire takes down your hardware, you can restore fully from the cloud. If you need to recover a large file or data set quickly, you can access the local drive.

SwiftIT’s backup and recovery solution eliminates challenges with the first software to deliver enterprise-grade technologies for cloud, virtual and physical environments with the simplicity required by small and overstretched IT teams.

From one, elegantly simple user console, you can:

1) Configure and manage all aspects of data protection

2) Protect to and from any target

3) Ensure stakeholder transparency with service-level reporting

4) Easily scale your level of data protection as business needs evolve

5) Reduce backup storage footprints by up to 95% and enjoy the lowest cost-per-protected TB in the industry with true global deduplication.

Tape Backup Solutions

Data backup is an important feature of workplace whether you are a new startup, or an SME or a large MNC business.

CDP Backup Solutions

You are looking for a data backup solution that doesn’t require any change of tapes? You want to do like aces do the data backup.

NAS Backup Solutions

You are a new SME company who is in need of a backup solution but you are restrained by the budget costs? You want a handy and cost effective.

Offsite Backup Solutions

You think that it is not feasible to store the backup data at the same place where the original data files are kept? You are looking for a solution that can.

Bare Metal Backup Solutions

You are looking for a data recovery solution that relieves you the OS headache? You want to shift your files from one OS to another.

Cloud Backup Solutions

You feel that cloud storage services will be best suited to your needs of data backup storage? Cost-effectiveness is your main aim while deciding for a data.

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