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CCTV Camera in Dubai

Get Security Cameras Professionally Installed for Your Home or Office

SwiftIT is a full-service security and an IT solutions company delivering top-class CCTV maintenance services in Dubai. We are professionals in installing, servicing, and maintaining CCTV cameras in different areas of your premise. Our hundreds of passionate clients have recognized our professionalism in providing the highest quality of CCTV surveillance maintenance & support services all across Dubai. As specialists in the field of video surveillance systems as well as solutions, our clients are known to rely on the delivery of SMART security camera solutions for protecting the overall investments.

A CCTV camera installation is a vital prerequisite in most of the Dubai homes & offices. With the increasing number of burglaries and crimes all around the city, the installation of the CCTV cameras ensures that the property remains protected under all instances. SwiftIT is one of the most reliable CCTV companies in Dubai, delivering a comprehensive range of CCTV services. We feature a team of highly knowledgeable as well as guided CCTV installation experts & engineers who provide assistance in offering reasonable home & corporate security systems. Additionally, we also provide a comprehensive range of CCTV camera wireless installation solutions along with video surveillance installations, CCTV camera repair, and maintenance services. 

Get Access to the Best-Quality Surveillance Systems​

We understand the importance of ultimate security when you wish to run your business in a seamless manner. This is why we provide top-class CCTV security systems across Dubai from the best-in-class industry experts. Our advanced security systems are known to provide a wide range of specialized features for enhancing the overall surveillance as well as maintenance of any facility in Dubai. The technological capabilities of our professional security camera installation & maintenance services in Dubai include:

  • High-definition resolution
  • Analog & IP camera solutions
  • Infrared election
  • Night vision technology
  • Motion-activated sound & light deterrence
  • Off-site control & monitoring

Top Services Offered by Our CCTV Camera in Dubai Experts

  • CCTV camera installation
  • CCTV camera service
  • CCTV camera repair
  • Configuration of IP cameras
  • Repairs with respect to DVR and the relevant connections
  • Optimization and surveillance cameras

If you are searching for the right CCTV camera price in Dubai, you can get access to our transparent pricing policy for delivering our services across Dubai. SwiftIT believes in the quality of services while ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. You can trust us with the overall professionalism of our services in Dubai.

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CCTV Companies in Dubai

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CCTV Companies in Dubai

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CCTV Companies in Dubai

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Frequently Asked Questions

For CCTV installation, you will need a CCTV camera, internet connectivity, a DVR, an LCD monitor, storage, video unit, cable for wiring, and equipment to set up the system.

At Swift IT, we deal with the top brands of CCTV cameras in Dubai. The type and brand of CCTV cameras that we use will depend on your requirements, preferences, and budget. When you contact us to set up a CCTV surveillance system, we will discuss the pros and cons of each brand. Based on all the details, you can choose the best CCTV camera brand.

The process of CCTV camera installation depends on the type. However, the basic installation steps are:

  • Mounting the camera
  • Placing the DVR
  • Connecting and organizing the cables
  • Setting up the display unit
  • Powering the system

CCTV cameras need the power to operate. So, if you don’t have a backup battery, then the cameras will not work if there is no electricity.

CCTV cameras with night vision capabilities can work even in darkness.

There are numerous types of CCTV cameras available in the market. A few of the popular types of security cameras are:

  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • Day/Night
  • C-mount
  • Wireless
  • Network
  • Infrared
  • High-definition

There are numerous types of CCTV cameras available in the market. A few of the popular types of security cameras are:

  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • Day/Night
  • C-mount
  • Wireless
  • Network
  • Infrared
  • High-definition

CCTV cameras allow you to have round-the-clock surveillance. Even if you have security personal, they may not be able to keep a watch 24/7. The camera can pick up those gaps. Also, the videos will be continuously recorded, which you can check anytime in the future. These security cameras are not just for surveillance, but also help in identifying intruders and those indulging in malpractices and illegal activities.

There are a wide variety of CCTV cameras in a range of prices. The CCTV camera that we will setup on your premiseswill depend on various factors and parameters. During our free consultation, we will give you the quote based on our preliminary discussions.

There are various parameters that we need to consider while estimating the cost of installing a CCTV camera. The parameters include the type of camera, the location, the cable length, display TV, and other equipment. We will give you a clear estimate based on your security needs during our free consultation.

Yes, we do provide a free consultation. Just fill our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Swift IT offers end-to-end services from CCTV installation to maintenance and service. Also, we only use premium quality surveillance equipment in all our installations. We follow a transparent pricing policy, so you will have a clear idea of the costs right from the start.

Google Reviews for CCTV Camera

I did long search to find out a good company to deliver a secure cctv system for my villa , I found swift IT solutions company and I requested a full cctv system for my home with firewalling system for my home internet getaway and they did the job in a very professional clean way, my overall experience is more than satisfied and I am really recommending this company for anybody who want a hassle free professional and clean way of job implementation and delivery, thanks Swift IT

Saeed Ali

Highly passionate staffs, quick response and efficient result always. I strongly recommend Swift IT

Mithun Raj

Highly professional team, they customized my requirements to my budget. They finished my house within less then two days with clean job and one satisfied customer.

Highly recommended

Mr. Omer

Great Professional people and efficient. will never be disappointed

Mohammed Alammari


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