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Add value to your Business with Time and Attendance System

Business and Employee Productivity

Attendance System – Employee productivity has a huge impact on company profits. Productivity is calculated as total output/total input. The total output can be the sales/units created or clients serviced based on the position or job nature and the total input can be the number of hours put in by the employee. It, therefore, becomes necessary to keep track of the number of hours every employee has clocked in and our time attendance system in Dubai is a great tool for the same.

Time Stealing by Employees

An important reason for calculating employee’s clocking time is to find out his productivity and make sure he/she is increasing the efficiency over time. This will increase the quality of the work and the company’s revenue. The time attendance solution in Abu Dhabi has other practical applications too. In a large organization with many employees and several departments, it becomes practically impossible to keep track of the working hours of each employee.

Time stealing by employees, also called time theft, happens at several companies. Time theft causes huge losses in productivity and profit to the company. Time theft may be technically defined as being paid for work that employees have not actually done or for time they have not been at work. A growing mobile workforce and easy access to the Internet give employees an easier way to steal time while making it harder for employers to manage it.

Buddy punching is one of the many ways in which employees steal time at work. It is accomplished by one employee punching in at work for another with the help of a handed over punch card or by signing in on a paper timesheet.

In other words, without proper steps in place, it is possible for an employee to get away with absenteeism for a short time period or even an entire day without being caught. They get paid for it and it all accumulates together, causing huge revenue losses in lost productivity for businesses annually.

Technology to the Rescue

Technological advancements have empowered employers to put a check on time theft making it harder for the employees to steal time at work. Implementing biometrics is one of the effective solutions to check in on this problem. Biometrics is the use of human characteristics including fingerprints, handprints and face mapping to identify a person. So, biometric authentication when used in workplaces can effectively prevent buddy punching and other forms of time theft.        

Types of Time Attendance and Tracking Systems

We at SwiftIT offer a range of time attendance solutions in Abu Dhabi for business enterprises. Our comprehensive range of biometric systems integrates with the payroll and ERP software for an overall smooth and streamlined process. Our time attendance systems in Dubai include the following:

  • Face recognition: With the help of a digital or connected camera, the software measures and matches the unique facial characteristics against stored templates in a database to identify, authenticate and grant access to the employee.
  • Fingerprint scanning: An optical or capacitive sensor captures the unique pattern of valleys and ridges on a finger to identify an employee, record attendance and/or grant access to the work premises.   
  • Card biometric device: The cardholder’s fingerprints are registered on the card, which is further encoded with RFID technology corresponding to the system in which the card is to be used. The user is required to hold the finger on the fingerprint sensor on the card before holding the card in front of the card reader at the premise entrance to gain access.
  • RFID/Proximity: A part of contactless card technologies, these cards when held near an electronic reader enable identification of an encoded number for identification, authentication and/or access.  
  • Hand punch system: Using the unique size and shape of hands, the hand punch system identifies employees with a high level of accuracy.
  • Keypad: A standalone biometrics fingerprint recognition system used for attendance marking, it has an LCD screen, keypad and a fingerprint scanner with memory, data storage and communication facilities.

Pick one or a combination of the mentioned systems depending on your needs, requirements, cost factor, privacy and sensitivity issues related to your organization.

Benefits of time attendance management system

A few of the benefits of adopting time attendance systems in Dubai are as follows:

  • Accurate tracking of login/log out time of employees which helps in automatic tracking of punctuality, vacation and sick leaves.
  • Almost reduces the chances of time theft and buddy punching to nil, which in a way ensures every employee is duly paid for the time and work he/she has done for the company.
  • Eliminates human error and increases efficiency.
  • Provides detailed reports that can be generated instantaneously as and when required.
  • Enhanced security and control inside the organization preventing unauthorized entry and/or illicit activities in sensitive areas.
  • Integration of attendance, payroll, ERP and HRMS allow for seamless automation and streamlining of administrative processes.

Why Swift IT?

In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Swift IT is the trusted name when it comes to modern time attendance and access control solutions. We offer advanced technology solutions customized to your unique requirements at affordable prices and implemented by an experienced team of highly qualified security experts. Reach out to us for more information regarding time attendance solutions in Abu Dhabi.