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Difference between a security camera and a surveillance camera?

Security Cameras vs Surveillance Cameras

security camera and a surveillance camera – We live in a world where safety is a big concern. It would be best if you had that extra pair of eyes to safeguard your home or business. So, how would you keep a check on your valuables? With the development of technology, many companies and households in Dubai are now equipped with security cameras to make their life stress-free. If you don’t have one, the addition of a security camera is ideal for protecting your home or business from prying eyes. It gives you peace of mind and the protection you need.

There are many ways in which you can benefit from the installation of a security camera. From crime prevention to monitoring of activities and events, your home or business is protected round the clock with the help of these cameras. The most used security systems are security cameras and surveillance cameras.

(Closed Circuit Television) Cameras or Security Cameras

CCTV cameras are also known as security cameras. These cameras are used to transmit video signals to the desired destination, which is a monitor located at a distant place. These type of cameras uses coax and a power cable. The signals are transmitted through camera cables and it can be recorded. CCTV systems transform video signals into a format that can be played by monitors or tvs. These cameras can observe activities and events which can help to prevent crime. Depending on your needs, the camera can be placed anywhere, either mountable or hidden, to help monitor the activities of people visiting your home or workplace. The CCTV system can be customized as per your needs.

Surveillance Cameras

These cameras are efficient and work on IP networks, linking the camera from the remote area, and transferring the video to the assigned security location. The cameras send footage back to the monitor to display the activity or event. The surveillance camera systems convert video signals into IP packets to be transferred over the internet to a server or a storage device. It allows for easy monitoring at places like malls, street crossings and parking areas where surveillance is needed. You can catch those major alerts from your iOS or Android devices!

How to choose the type of camera that fits your needs?

Cameras are a significant deterrent to crime. Determine the right security system based on the below crucial elements:

  • Cameras – Easy setup
  • Software – Able to access your feed from anywhere
  • Storage needs – Local storage, cloud storage or mobile devices
  • Camera locations – Able to work in all conditions – night or day

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