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How G Suite is helping companies during Covid19?

New Challenges posed by Covid 19

How G Suite is helping companies during Covid19? People the world over are facing unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced them to remain in a lockdown situation. Except for those providing essential services, everyone has been required to stay at home. But trying times also foster creativity and encourage the adoption of newer ways to overcome the challenges.     

When COVID-19 forced everyone inside their homes, businesses, employees and several other users checked out the facilities at their disposal to make remote working a reality. Though the options are not entirely new, the pandemic allowed everyone to have a serious relook at them and tailor them to suit their own needs and requirements.

Google Cloud is a popular option that has helped businesses and users stay connected and get work done. Google Cloud includes Google Cloud Platform, the public cloud infrastructure, and G Suite, the enterprise versions of Android and Chrome OS. In these extraordinary times, let’s have a look at how Google Cloud is supporting businesses, government institutions, educational institutions, researchers and many others to carry on their work.

How Google is increasing productivity by making employees stay connected?

Keeping employees connected and engaged is critical in these times. Google Cloud, with some of its already available products and features that have found the perfect use in these times, is doing a great job at connecting remote workers.

  • Google Docs is the online word processing product for business that allows multiple team members to create, edit and share text documents. Multiple team members can edit the document at the same time and the others can see the edits as they happen. An innovative feature, it allows team members to seamlessly collaborate in these times and ensure that every one is on the same page literally! 
  • Google Drive is the file storage and synchronisation service available as a part of the G Suite collection. It makes the creation and sharing of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms for easy and effective collaboration with people of your team.
  • Google Meet is the video conferencing product that helps teams conduct business meetings, seamlessly substituting the in-person meets. Google Meet has been the one link that effectively connects people as they work out of their homes.

For their part, Google has done all they can to ensure business does not suffer due to the forced separation of team members due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the surge in the daily usage of Google Meet, up to 25 times of what was in January, the demand has been taken care of within the bounds of Google’s network ability. The company has opened up the advanced features in Google Meet for all of its G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally for free to tide over the social distancing measures. In addition, Google has made the necessary Meet Hardware available in additional markets across the world for the glitch-free conduct of virtual meetings anywhere by any organisation.

The possibilities offered by G Suite for the seamless transition to remote work

Check out some of the ways in which G Suite makes virtual collaboration a real possibility:

  • Hold video meets and other remote events with team members using Google Meet.
  • Give presentations to remote audiences by sharing Google Slides, Docs and other files via Google Meet.
  • Edit team documents in real time by using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Google Chat makes chat within files a possibility too. Real time edits with automatic saving of changes ensure everyone is one the same page.
  • Store, share and access all your team’s files via Google Drive. It is a secure way to access the latest version of files from any device with changes showing up instantly on the Drive.
  • Broadcast the latest information to large groups or teams via Google Sites website and embed Docs, Sheets, Slides and other files from the Drive.
  • Create a Google Groups email list for your team and make team communication a breeze.
  • Coordinate project plans and schedules by means of a dynamic Google Sheets project plan where team members across the globe can seek and update the progress in real time.
  • Use Google Calendar to schedule team meetings, events and more for team members operating in different time zones.
  • Make use of Google Chat rooms to allow team members to share project ideas, exchange thoughts and basically network with each other easily.
  • Use Google Forms to create and analyse surveys, collect feedback and/or send a quick opinion poll to gather information from large teams.   

Basically G Suite is a powerful tool and companies can use them in endless ways to unlock the maximum potential for the growth of their business and convenience and flexibility of their employees.   In case you are thinking of G Suite for business in Abu Dhabi to ensure business continuity, we at Swift IT can help. We are one of the trusted and reputed Google apps partner in Abu Dhabi and we can ensure that remote workers remain connected virtually, in fact more, as they were in person. If you have been thinking of investing in Google business apps in Abu Dhabi for your company, then we can assure you that there is no better time like this one. You can enjoy the fruits of this investment even after this pandemic becomes history, by allowing your employees to work from wherever they are as they offer flexibility and enhance productivity.