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Pioneer of Networking Solutions

Swift IT has come a long way since its inception and opening of its 1st branch in Abu Dabhi in 2010.

We have seen the entire landscape of Abu Dabhi and entire UAE change during this period with huge investment coming into the economy and the amazing growth of UAE.

The growth has been in all sectors including an Integrated and networked IT Infrastructure which became the backbone of the cloud computing and e commerce. Yet due to the ever-evolving nature of technology many IT systems which were in place just a few years back become outdated with newer and more strenuous software hardware requirements for a more robust IT Security environment as well as the overall increase in the number of users and the drastic data bandwidth increase required by an individual user.

Thus, one of the biggest challenges facing businesses and entire industries was connecting applications and networks together at the company and industry level and getting them to work reliably. It was during this period of high growth and immediate and round the clock IT support that business started to outsource their IT requirements to outsourcing to more efficient and flexible IT support providers like Swift IT instead of investing and supervising an Inhouse IT management to plan, execute, and manage network solutions at both the technical and the strategic levels. 

Almost 2 out of 3 business in UAE especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai started to outsource their IT requirements with an IT AMC contract. Swift IT has grown multiple folds during this period not only financially but also in resources like talented technicians. We have had a wide range of experiences by which were able to gain invaluable and in-depth knowledge to ensure the growth and efficiencies of our customers IT operations and our cost benefits ensured our customers continued support.

A few IT companies were not able to handle the sudden spurt of growth and either due to inefficiencies or improper planning had to close down. They were unable to provide tools that provides value to users, networks require monitoring and maintenance. Our advice as IT consultants, IT network system managers & IT solutions ensured our customers were up and running 24/7. These were useful for avoiding network problems and inefficiencies that cost companies large sums of money, including traffic bottlenecks; down-time; poor Web site, application, workstation, and server performance; and compromised security. In the early 2000s, network management systems varied in cost and complexity, depending on their range of capabilities. Such systems were able to issue wide varieties of reports and notify network administrators of problems. Historically, one challenge administrators faced was finding a way to tie multiple network management systems together so they had access to one streamlined view of all activities. 

Swift IT was the pioneer of providing every type of networking solutions to its clients based on their needs such as Personal Area Network (PAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Storage Area Network (SAN) & Virtual Private Network (VPN). We as a IT Networking advisor took care of all areas such as multi-cloud management, automation of updates, AIOps, secure access service edge (SASE), Multi networks on a single site.

Thus with this experience we are ready to support any IT related issues and develop and find solutions for the right type of IT Network for our clients which very few have the capacity and experience in the UAE.