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What Do Business in UAE Need a Cloud Server Solution (Hybrid Model) or Traditional On-Premise Servers?

First off let’s accept the fact that the digital cloud is growing at a phenomenal rate and according to
Gartner Worldwide, end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 20.7% to total $591.8
billion in 2023, up from $490.3 billion in 2022, according to the latest forecast higher than the 18.8%
growth forecast for 2022.

But that does not mean that it’s a one solution for all, not really as we need to find the right balance of security, accessibility and affordability.

What Are Types of Cloud Computing Services?

There are primarily 3 types of cloud computing services which can be generally categorized as public, private (on-premise) or hybrid.

On-premise cloud computing involves hosting data and applications on your own servers that you maintain, while a hybrid cloud includes an on-premise component and offsite storage in a third party’s servers. 

On-premise cloud platforms are great when organizations want absolute control where their data is located and when they don’t have a lot of storage they need to store. Windows, Unix, and Linux are some examples of on-premise cloud platforms.

Which Type of Cloud Server Solution to Use?

Both on-premise and hybrid clouds have advantages. 

There are many factors to consider such as accessibility, software ownership, cost of IT hardware, software updates and additional services, such as support and implementation


An on-premise cloud will be suitable if you’re a small or mid-size (< 500 Employees) business enterprise just starting out your venture; due to its long-term cost benefit and scalability. You can buy your own hardware and data center space, so have complete control of the data and configuration. 

Even though on-premise looks more costly than using a hybrid cloud, in some ways using on-premise will cost less over time since you won’t need to pay any recurring subscription fees for software and only need to buy additional servers as and when required and no external factors will affect the uptime of your operations

-Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud of personal Pcs or servers and an online cloud platform is generally preferable for large to very large organizations. Apart from the high levels of security, Lower large upfront costs due to scale and lower operating cost of electricity and server room maintenance. But the long term (composite cost) minimum customizability and a reliable and fast internet connectivity for all employees might hinder as a solution for many companies.


 For some the decision is as simple as where you want your data to reside.

Whether you go with on-premise or choose a hybrid model depends largely on 3 crucial factors:

  1. How you want to utilize your funds, 
  2. How quickly and how much do you expect your company’s growth & 
  3. How large of an infrastructure setup is needed currently versus in the future.

A competent IT Service provider like Swift IT can help you not only with setting up your cloud server solution IT Infrastructure as well as configuring individual systems, servers etc in a timely scheduled manner; But also cost effectively & properly maintaining the data integrity for smooth operations.