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Top 10 Common IT Problems That Most Business Face

Top 10 Most Common IT Problems For Businesses

Top 10 Common IT Problems will help you to understand the issues about The core of a company is its IT system that serves as a connective network and a database of the vital company information. Technology is continually evolving with new developments being made every year and IT is the foundation on which a business is built. So, it is important to keep the IT system in top condition. To do so, we need to identify the common IT problems that companies face and find ways to resolve those problems. You can either setup an internal tech team or outsource the service to an IT support company to manage your IT services.

1. Lack of Network Security

Data security is one of the most important things that companies should focus on. But in many organization’s, network security is very poor or non-existent. Networks with poor security systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hackers can steal vital company data as well as employee information from a system that is not protected well. Small companies and start-ups that are just building an online system are more prone to such threats. So, it is very important to have a top-notch security system in place whether you are a company of 5 employees or 5000 employees. An IT solutions company Abu Dhabi can help you set up an effective network security system.

2. No Professional Experience

Many small and mid-size companies don’t have trained tech support person/teams because of budget constraints or other problems. But scrimping on a professional IT team can lead to huge losses in the long run, both in terms of network stability and safety. If there are any constraints in having an in-house tech support team, you can outsource IT support and maintenance to a reliable third-party IT support in Abu Dhabi.

3. Using Outdated Technology

A huge IT problem that many companies face is that they still rely on old technologies that they setup when they first started the company. The first challenge is that you may not find the resources to fix the outdated technology. Secondly, old technologies can be very slow compared to the advanced ones. Third, you may not find technical support to deal with the old technologies. So, you need an IT support team that can help update the technologies you use. The better option will be to avail the services of an IT support company in Dubai that has a team of expert technicians and knowledge of advanced technologies to keep your IT infrastructure updated to be the most efficient, practical and cost effective.

4. No backup or Unable to Restore Backup

You’re working on a project and have saved all the data on a system. Suddenly, the system crashes and you lose all the data. Sometimes, you may also lose data stored in a server if the router is overloaded. Also, critical data getting hacked is an undeniable threat these days! What will you do if such things happen? It is important for businesses to have periodical and automated data backup solutions in place. Losing important data can be more expensive than setting up a data backup system in place. Set up a reliable backup system with the assistance of an IT support team.

5. Mobile Security

These days, most business discussions happen over the mobile phone. Employees access official mail on their phone on the go. Sometimes, they even take up calls and attend online meetings over the phone. The mobile phone will have a lot of confidential information. Therefore, it’s important to have a good security system for mobile phones. All employees’ mobiles app installation should be secured and data encrypted. Plus, effective passwords need to be made mandatory to protect the valuable data from infringement.

6. Connecting Cables

It may sound very basic. But a lot of IT complaints are about cable connectivity. There are many different kinds of cables used to connect hardware and peripherals. A few are the power cable, Ethernet cable, USB cable, keyboard and mouse cables. If a computer system, printer, copier or projector is not working, first check if all the cables are correctly plugged in. If the technical issue is still not resolved, bring in a technical expert.

7. Unsafe Online Browsing

Safety is one of the key parameters of an IT system. Even if you have a good security system in place, unsafe online browsing and downloading can make your computer network vulnerable. While browsing, a user may click on malicious mails or unsuspectingly download malware. There are many attractive advertisements that may contain hacking software. You can have a firewall that blocks suspected sites. Also, have a security system that prevents unauthorized downloads.

8. Hardware or Software Problems

Tired of seeing error messages or dealing with system failures? When it comes to IT software and hardware, there is always a chance that it could breakdown, freeze or stop working. Most of the times, the issue will be minor and needs technical support. But you should remember that a lot of electronics and tech products have a particular lifespan. So, it would be a better option to go for a newer and advanced tech product than repair and service the existing one. An in-house tech team or an outsourcing firm offering IT support in Dubai can help you decide whether to solve the problem or go for a better solution.

9. No Restrictions on Data Access

While it is important for employees to have access to data, it is equally vital that they don’t have access to information not essential for their job. Employees should have access only to the database that is relevant to their project. Also, you need to setup network passwords for confidential information. You also need to have a master access list that has all information about who is able to access which folder on the server.

10. Lacking an IT Plan

An Information technology plan should be designed to support your business. It not only helps critical business processes, but also provides a framework to build the IT for your company. Secondly, an IT plan is very useful in case of a security breach or disaster. You can avail the services of a reliable IT service provider to setup an IT plan.

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