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What is ITSM? – IT Service Management

ITSM stands for Information Technology Service Management. It is the process of implementing, managing, and delivering the highest quality IT services in the best way possible to meet the needs of a business or customer who needs IT services in the UAE or anywhere else.

Its main goal is to connect people and top IT companies like Swift IT in the best way possible so that the business stays efficient and unaffected due to any IT related issues by having the proper mix of people, processes, and technology in place to provide greater value to a business.

Just like a front-end interface of a software helps a user to interact with the complex and illegible (for most) code of a software. ITSM helps the employees of a company or a customer from a non-IT background interact with the IT management team, such as Swift IT Technologies.

So, the interface helps employees explain their IT support and IT maintenance problems to an IT support company, even if they don’t know much about IT.

IT Service Management System – Scale Your ITSM Environment

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Let’s say a new sales employee joins a company and, by default, the IT team allocates and sets up a new desktop system at the desk of the employee. But as the employee is in sales, he needs to be on the field most of the time, and a desktop won’t be suitable.

If there was a ITSM in place, the IT Maintenance & Support team would have known the exact requirements for the sales executive and would not have wasted time and energy on the new employee on his first few days on the job.

As a result, ITSM is merely a conduit between the IT Service team and the customer. Time is money, and the benefits of a well-designed and managed ITSM will pay for themselves many times over by adding direct value to a business.

Thus, if you want to implement ITSM in your organization, where will you get the guidelines or the framework to implement the same? Well there are several frameworks that contain the best practices and ITIL is the most popular and predominant.


ITIL is one of the frameworks on how to do ITSM and it contains guidelines for over 26 processes to align IT services with the various needs of the business. But most businesses don’t need to apply all of them and only a few are usually implemented, such as:

1) Incident Handling

One of the primary and most adoptive processes is the ticketing system or incident management, which ensures any IT related issues are managed and resolved quickly in a time bound manner by which the customer is least affected by any IT related incident.

2) Management of Change

Any changes must be made to improve things and cause as few problems as possible with how the organisation normally works. to the IT infrastructure, IT management, and other IT-related activities such as backup and restoration of company data.

3) Problem Resolution

A problem is an issue which can or has caused incidents leading to disruptions to a particular segment of a business and is hampering its normal work routine. When a problem management system is in place, all problems are managed and fixed with a clear resolution so that they are not only resolved but also never repeat and future incidents are avoided or at the very least minimized in terms of business impact.

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