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What is network management and how does it help your business?

What Is Network Management and Why It Is Important?

Most businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE have their entire operations running online thanks to the benefits and power of cloud computing and networked systems. Thus, being online is absolutely critical. Every minute of downtime affects your business competitiveness and the trust of your clients.

You need to ensure you have dependable network management services through an IT service provider in Dubai so that you don’t need to worry about downtime or the time schedule of your IT staff.

Network management is the deployment, maintenance, and optimization of network infrastructure and its resources. It includes many operations like server installations, cabling, network monitoring and optimization, and even bandwidth allocation to critical resources, and in 2021, most importantly, cybersecurity!

The primary operations involve network administration, network operation, network maintenance, and network upgrading.

Here are some of the benefits of a network management service that can help your business:

The Importance of Network Management for Your Business

1) increased operational efficiency and uptime

What’s the point of having your system be able to be connected over a network but your network itself being down?

A connectivity problem due to poorly configured networking software or incompatible hardware, power outages, security breaches, or even natural disasters can very adversely affect your business. Having an IT company-trained partner available at any and all of your branches at any time can be critical for your operations.

2) Improved IT Network Security

Network security has become the core concern for network management. Due to the growing number of cyberthreats that are able to exploit many susceptible companies’ IT assets by means of DOD attacks, crypto jacking their IT network, and enhanced and active AI ransomware.

An IT security expert who is knowledgeable and up-to-date can help you get rid of these threats and set up protocols to stop people from getting into your systems without permission.

Availability of skilled manpower

Your IT management company will take care of all the skilled manpower requirements for ensuring smooth running of your IT networks, and you don’t need to invest in unnecessary and redundant manpower. Your IT service provider in the UAE will help you establish your network management services so that you can take care of the operations of your business.

Your service provider is actively monitoring your network on a regular basis, thus ensuring no downtime most of the time and is prepared to take care of any breakdown in your connectivity.

4) Expansion and scalability with a single phone call

Growth is an important part of any business in the UAE. An opportunity may arise at any time, and your ability to respond and scale quickly to any changes required to fit your immediate network needs is critical.

You will need to be able to continuously add new devices to your network and monitor their performance, set new IP addresses and ensure all network requirements are met for any new software upgrades or updates.

You will require a dependable network management partner to be available and competent to exceed your requirements.

5) The best possible performance and the lowest possible operating costs

Your system software and hardware keep getting upgraded on a periodic basis. Due to the constantly changing and continuously improving software via updates, your network needs to be stable. As technology improves, you will need new upgrades and equipment to help you stay ahead of your competition before your equipment becomes obsolete in speed or running costs.

Swift IT Network Management Services are available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and any part of the UAE.

Our network management services include:

  • Network maintenance and monitoring.
  • Anti-virus software management and security management
  • File sharing, user administration, and advanced security controls
  • Monitoring of attached network devices
  • Availability, event log, backup, and drive space monitoring.
  • Monthly server status updates
  • implementing needed hardware upgrades, software patches, or any improvements as and when required.

If you’re looking for an NMS provider that can provide top-grade network management services, you don’t need to look any further.

Swift IT has a team of experts who can make your network run without any interruption and have the experience to tackle any network issues. From network administration to security, we can help you establish a customized network that fits your needs. Contact us now for a consultation.