Consulting & Evaluation

An ERP project is a major endeavor for any company. Its first year costs will exceed 1% to 3% of annual revenues. If done properly, the project return on investment can be three to five times the costs.

Don’t let an ERP project sideline your team and take focus away from your core business.Teaming with  ERP consultant like us lets you work smarter, while preserving your time and resources.

Our ERP consulting team contributes to your bottom line by offering:

ü  Deep experience in all manufacturing industries delivered by a seasoned team located in manufacturing centers around North America.

ü  A proven methodology with objective, in-depth understanding of ERP selection and implementation best practices.

ü  Efficient processes that make your critical resources more productive in the project.

ü  A process that speeds your time to benefit. Ultra’s methodology “cuts to the chase.” Our approach gets our clients to the goal line in half the time of traditional methods. We will not waste your time.

ü  An independent, vendor-neutral team that has worked through the process numerous times, with strategies to accelerate training, implementation and ROI.

ü  Cost savings opportunities stemming from ERP vendor contract negotiations.  Time and resource savings at all phases of the project – from business process mapping and requirements definitions to training and go-live

There are many phases to a typical ERP selection project – from ERP requirements definitions, to setting selection criteria and contract negotiations